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Comenius Project

Realschule Enger
Middenschool von het gemeenschapsonderwijs in Leopoldsburg / Belgien
Özel Antalya Yagmur Lisesi in Antalya / Türkei

Our Comenius Project, which focusses on school development, began on 1st August, 2004. Our common goal is to improve schooling through an international exchange of ideas. The specific aim of our project is to bridge the gap between primary and secondary schools and thus to offer all children a good start at their new school.

In order to achieve this aim

  • the pupils shall aquire important learning methods within the first year at the new school

  • the pupils shall learn special competences for a positive social climate at the school

  • the school shall cooperate with the parents

The change from primary to secondary school is a big step for a pupil. Therefore, a lot of schools in Europe try to develop new concepts to provide pupils with equally good start chances. It is essential for their whole career at school that pupils start feeling at home after a short while. Only if they manage to identify themselves with their new school, will they be able to work independently and successfully.

During our project we want to find out how different schools have so far tried to solve this problem. After presenting to each other our specific school activities we have started a pedagogical discussion on our experiences so far, which shall lead us to develop step by step a comprehensive common concept.

Özel Antalya Yagmur Lisesi

Middenschool von het gemeenschapsonderwijs

Meeting in Leopoldsburg.

Herman Swerts (Direktor der Middenschool/Leopoldsburg) and teachers of

Öze Antalya Yagmur Lisesi and Realschule Enger .

Common activities during our first project year – 2004/2005

  • intensive exchange between the contact teachers of the three participating schools

  • discovery of the specific school concepts of the Belgian, Turkish and German school

  • project meeting of representatives of each school at Middenschool in Leopoldburg, Belgium from 23rd to 25th November 2004 (Joachim Blombach, Marion Holwas and Roswitha Schröder-Deter participated from Realschule Enger)

  • internal evaluation and presentation of the project experiences so far at one`s own school

  • making of a common Comenius calendar for the three partner schools

  • 2nd project meeting with representatives of the three partner schools at Realschule Enger, Germany from 1st to 4th March, 2005

  • collection of school specific experiences on the transition from primary to secondary school

  • 3rd project meeting with representatives of the three partner schools at Özel Antalya Yagmur Lisesi in Antalya, Turkey from 26th to 30th April, 2005

  • collection of experiences concerning the role of parents at the Turkish school

Our third work meeting within the first project year took place in Antalya, Turkey. Tim Cornelius, Lucas Kaspersetz, Sibel Özen and Linda Dietrich joined the project and were happy to discover a new culture.

The pupils as well as the teachers were warmly welcomed by the Turkish delegation. It didn`t take long for the teachers to feel comfortable at the hotel and for the pupils to feel at home among their guest families.

Common activities during the project year 2005/2006 so far

  • project meeting in Genk, Belgium; participation at the “study camp” for the new pupils at Middenschool, Leopolsburg

  • two teachers and four pupils from the Turkish school joined the camp, Realschule Enger was represented by two teachers and eight pupils (see also report in parents`magazine n° 63)

  • decision on further focuss for our common work

  • video documentation of the “study camp”

80 Belgian pupils from Middenschool, Leopoldsburg are for three days in a camp in Genk, to learn learning methods, to do various kinds of sports and to live together. This is the start of the pupils at their new school. Pupils from Realschule Enger and Özel Antalya Yagmur Lisesi were allowed to participate, too.

  • project meeting in Enger for a workshop on cooperative learning from 23rd to 26th November, 2005.

    teachers from Middenschool, Leopoldsburg as well as further guests from Antwerpes

    discover actively the wide field of cooperative leaning together with their colleagues

    from Enger

Work meeting: headmaster Joachim Blombach (back, 2nd from left) and Roswitha Schröder-Deter (back, 3rd from right) have organized the meeting with their Belgian collegues. As a representative of mayor Klaus Rieke, Ute Fleer (back, left) from the Town Hall, Enger came to find out about the Comenius project on Friday morning.

  • The start for our Comenius Project, which focusses on school de pupils from Middenschool, Leopoldsburg take part in several lessons at Realschule Enger

* project meeting in Antalya from 8th to 12th May 2006

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